The Black Knight Sings

Songs about software development and other adventures by Per Jakobsen

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This is the personal web site for Per Jakobsen.

The main content of the site is in the Blog.

Who am I?

I'm a husband, stepdad, stepgrandstepdad and Software Developer.

I'm a software developer who has been programming professionally since 1981.


My background goes all the way back to the stone age of computer programming

  • Started as a COBOL programmer on a mainframe computer
  • Entered the new age with 4th generation languages (ADABAS/NATURAL) which was supposed to save the world
  • Got into PC programming in Pascal, C++, Paradox and dBASE
  • Further along to client/server programming using Paradox and PowerBuilder against Oracle and Sybase
  • Took the deep dive into Embedded ANSI C programming
  • And finally as a "natural" progressing ended in my current position with SharePoint development

What is that Black Knight stuff?

Well that's a long story, but if we meet at a conference, course or elsewhere and you buy/bring me a coke or coffee, then I'll be happy to tell that (and a lot more).

Contact info:


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